News from the Mesopotamian left

Peywendi is a curated feed of news and analysis about the Middle East, written by people who live there. We focus on the region surrounding Mesopotamia, including Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

Pêwendî ("pey-wen-dee") is a Kurmanji Kurdish word meaning "connection" or "contact."

Too much of the media coming out of the Middle East today is written by people just passing through. Don't get us wrong, some of them do great and illuminating journalism. But the dominance of these perspectives obscures those of people actually living in the region. It is these latter perspectives that we aim to elevate.

We stand in solidarity with those working for liberation from state oppression, capitalism, and patriarchy.

About Us

We're a small international team of volunteers. At the moment we run Peywendi out-of-pocket. We would encourage you to direct your donations to some of the fine folks described in Resources.